Wynnum on Wednesday…or Thursday…

...not a soul in sight...


walking in wymnum 

I love the carpark laneways between Florence and Edith streets… so much opportunity awaiting…

Christmas 2016

Christmas breakfast for 4 (with my dad, 18yo and 13yo):

bacon and eggs

sauteed haloumi, mushrooms, spanish onion, potato and grape tomatoes

toasted sourdough with fresh pesto

espresso brewed from clandestino coffee beans and organic teas, apple juice


Christmas lunch for 2 (with my mum):

rice paper rolls with sweet chilli & peanut dipping sauce

moreton bay bugs and FNQ prawns with limes, spiced mayo and chilli coriander dipping sauce

cannellini bean salad

rocket and parmesan salad

caprese salad

olive batard loaf with fesh pesto


australian wines, espresso brewed from clandestino coffee beans



must be holidays…december, 2016

Summer reading:

  • The Optician of Lampedusa – Emma Jane Kirby
  • Black Mischief – Evelyn Waugh (deliciously funny and spot on in its critique of colonialism, progress and the modernisation of African nations)
  • Sword of Honour trilogy (Officers and Gentlemen, Men at Arms, Unconditional Surrender)- Evelyn Waugh… Note to self-write a post on the brilliance of EW soon!
  • The Pelican Brief – John Grisham (dated but still a fast paced read)
  • Do Humankind’s Best Days Lay Ahead – Pinker, Ridley, De Botton, Gladwell (Munk Debates, Toronto, Canada)

Summer viewing:

  • Stranger Things, series 1
  • The Get Down, series 1
  • Mad Men, series 1-7
  • Red Dwarf, series 1 (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode at least 3 or 4 times, all out of order over the past 15 years or so but my 13yo old daughter and I watched the 6 eps of series 1 pretty much back to back, together…good times)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine series 1-3
  • Hip Hop Evolution
  • The Martian (with my daughter – we do watch a lot of sci-fi together)
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel (not sci-fi but with my daughter)
  • Allied